Skin Creamery on display
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Review : Skin Creamery Range

Have you ever looked at a brand and fell in love with too many products for your wallet to keep up? This is how I felt looking at Skin Creamery. Luckily for us they created this box filled with deluxe size samples of the whole Skin Creamery Range. We have seen this brand all over […]

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Review : Skin Creamery Cream & Exfoliator

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and that the week so far has been good. Today is officially the last day of being 29. Tomorrow I’m entering the dirty thirties. Some ladies I know cried their eyes out and others embraced it. I think I’m just too busy and disorganised to actually care […]

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Monthly Faves : September 2017

Hi guys, It is Monday and a new week is here. I had a good weekend so I hope the coming week will also be good. To start the week off good, we are looking at all my favorite goodies for the month of September. There was some amazing products and some amazing times. Now […]

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’17 August Haul

Hi guys, its the weekend again (well soon to be) and another week has come and gone. Where is this year going? Soon they will start putting out Christmas decorations (I might be a bit early) but it never kills you to start buying those prezzies early to ease the budget come REAL Christmas time. […]

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